Your monthly Carbon Points target

What is my Carbon Points target?

GoZero's Carbon Points system allows you to track the climate actions that you are involved with, either by reducing your personal greenhouse emissions or by supporting businesses that are taking action on their emissions.

In 2021, households only accounted directly for around 11% of the emissions produced in New Zealand. However, consumers can impact up to around 70% of New Zealand's emissions through the choices they make when buying products and services. 

Instead of the model used elsewhere, which typically focusses on individuals having the burden of measuring and reducing or offsetting their carbon footprint, the Carbon Points system allows you to use your purchasing power to have a much greater impact on how emissions are produced than you can by just taking action on your direct personal emissions. GoZero empowers you to find those businesses that are taking measurable climate action, so that you can use this purchasing superpower more easily. It is vital that every person also takes action on their personal emissions, and the Carbon Points system rewards you for doing that too.

To be able to track your progress, we set you a monthly Carbon Points target, which includes the carbon footprint of the products and services that you purchase, as well as your personal emissions and those from other sources, such as government services and infrastructure development.

Your monthly Carbon Points target is set at 910 Carbon Points per month, which is equivalent to the net per capita carbon footprint in New Zealand, according to the latest data. You can see details about how this is calculated in the section below.

We challenge you to earn Carbon Points through deals by using your purchasing power for good, and to reduce or offset the remaining carbon footprint that comes from your personal footprint and other sources. When you hit your monthly target, you gain GoZero Hero status and benefit from great rewards and discounts from GoZero Climate Action Businesses.

If you are already measuring and offsetting your personal emissions using other credible services, you can validate your offsets with us by completing the Individual Offsets Validation Form.

How is my Carbon Points target calculated

According to government data, New Zealand's total gross greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, measured in tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), were 76,824,590 tonnes of CO2e.

The country's total net emissions (taking into account forestry and land use efforts to remove carbon emissions) were 55,746,420 tonnes of CO2e.

In December 2021, New Zealand's population was 5,116,500.

Net carbon emissions in 2021 were therefore 10.9 tonnes of CO2e per capita. This is the amount of carbon emissions from all sources, divided by the population, to give a per capita amount. Your monthly per capita footprint is 0.91 tonnes of CO2e per month. Your monthly Carbon Points target is therefore 910 Carbon Points, as 1 Carbon Point is equivalent to 1 kg of CO2e emissions.

Within this holistic carbon footprint are several main components: your personal emissions; emissions produced by the business sector; and emissions produced by government, infrastructure and other sources.

According to production data, households only accounted for 11.1% of direct emissions production in 2021. Consumption data, however, shows that households were involved in 69% of carbon emissions.

Consumers can influence at least 58.1% of New Zealand's emissions through decisions that they make when purchasing good and services. GoZero gives you the tools to do so efficiently. The remainder of your footprint can either be addressed by action to reduce personal emissions or by offsetting those emissions that can't be avoided.

You should therefore aim to earn around 530 Carbon Points from GoZero deals and reduce or offset the remaining 380 Carbon Points each month. If you haven't been able to earn those Carbon Points from deals by the end of the month, you can top up your account with GoZero offsets to make sure that you secure GoZero Hero status and discounts for the following month.

Is my Carbon Points target my carbon footprint?

Your per monthly Carbon Points target will likely differ from your actual personal carbon footprint, as it is based on average per capita data rather than your specific emissions data. Your personal carbon footprint can be measured by using one of the many tools available online. We applaud those of you who already measure your emissions. However, we believe that having to measure emissions can be an obstacle that dissuades many people from starting to take climate action. For this reason, we use an average per capita carbon footprint estimate, to get people started, as we need far greater involvement in climate action to avert the worst of the climate crisis ahead. 

As we are looking to co-design future features with our users, if you feel that it would be important to be able to use your personal carbon footprint data instead of the per capita value, please contact us, as we considering how best to develop this feature and would love to hear from you about how we can improve our systems to make them most useful and relevant to you.

Will I be net zero?

The Carbon Points system is designed to accelerate action on carbon emissions. Hitting your target means you have done enough to address your per capita share of New Zealand's emissions and qualify for rewards from GoZero Climate Action Businesses.

Hitting your monthly Carbon Points target is not the same as being net zero. To claim net zero status, businesses and individuals must precisely measure and address their specific greenhouse gas emissions. GoZero does not provide individuals or businesses with net zero certification, as other organisations are already doing this job well.

If a business has achieved net zero certification with a credible environmental service, it can validate the climate actions that it has undertaken as part of that process with GoZero, to generate Carbon Points as rewards for its customers.