Pricing for Businesses

Turn climate action into Carbon Points

To participate in the Carbon Points system, businesses need to take action to mitigate their emissions and validate these actions with GoZero. For every tonne of CO2e that your business validates, GoZero will provide 1000 Carbon Points as rewards to your customers through deals. Find out more about how to validate your climate actions.

Individuals will soon be able to validate their climate actions too, and can already top up their personal accounts with GoZero offsets here to hit their monthly Carbon Points targets.

avoidance price

Emissions reduction

For $8 (plus GST) per tonne of CO2e that you avoid or reduce, you can generate Carbon Points rewards.

Actions include:

  • Switching your fleet to electric vehicles; installing solar panels; or switching production or other processes to renewable energy;
  • Achieving net-zero certification from a credible environmental service;
  • Measuring your carbon footprint and implementing an emissions reduction action plan.

Begin the validation process by filling out the GoZero Business Action Form.

Offset pricing

Offset Validation

For $10 (plus GST) per tonne of CO2e you can convert carbon offsets that you have purchased into Carbon Points rewards for your customers.

GoZero will validate your offsets to ensure that they are high-quality and reliable. Your customers will know that they are getting top-quality, credible rewards when they purchase your GoZero deals.

If you are considering purchasing offsets and want to know whether they will qualify for the Carbon Points system, contact us for an initial assessment.

New GoZero businesses can validate all credible offsets purchased from 2020 to the present. Begin the validation process by filling out the GoZero Business Action Form.

gozero offset pricing

GoZero Gold Standard Offsets

GoZero's Gold Standard verified offsets cost $40 per tonne of CO2e.

We recommend that businesses take action to reduce their carbon emissions as a priority. Where emissions cannot be avoided, you can purchase GoZero's Gold Standard offsets, by filling out the GoZero Business Action Form. These generate Carbon Points rewards for your customers, who can have confidence that they are receiving top-quality, certified Carbon Points towards their monthly target. See our currently available offset projects below.

GoZero donates up to $2 per tonne of CO2e from the sale of offsets to community and biodiversity climate resilience projects managed by the Greendeals Charitable Trust.

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Our projects

Improved Cook Stove Project, Uganda

Under this Gold Standard-certified project, improved cook stoves (ICS) have been provided to families in three districts in Uganda. Cook Stove projects produce amongst the most credible types of carbon offsets.

These cookstoves replace traditional cooking methods, increasing efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also improve family members' health and reduce the need for them to collect firewood.

This project has certified SDG impacts, under SDGs 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 13 (Climate Action).