Validating Climate Actions

Carbon Points can only be generated by taking measurable action to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions. There are several ways that businesses can generate Carbon Points:


Validating emissions reduction

  • Switching to renewable energy: if your business has switched to renewable energy for transportation (electric vehicles) or for power (solar panels) or for other processes, you can validate the carbon emissions reduction that you have achieved. You will need to provide sufficient information for us to evaluate this reduction.

  • Emissions reduction plans: where you have used tools to measure your company's carbon footprint and are implementing an emissions reduction plan, you can validate your progress with GoZero, where sufficient data exists.

  • Net Zero Certification: if your business has achieved net zero or other greenhouse gas emissions-related certification, we can generate Carbon Points on that basis. 

  • Circular economy validation: if your business is part of the circular economy and has products that allow customers to reduce their carbon emissions, GoZero can validate your estimated carbon avoidance to generate Carbon Points.


Validating 3rd party offsets

You can validate offsets that you have purchased from 2021 onwards. You will need to provide information concerning the source and type of offset and any relevant certification documentation. 


Purchasing GoZero's high-integrity reduction carbon credits

If you have measured your company's carbon footprint, but haven't taken action to reduce those emissions yet, you can purchase the required number of offsets from GoZero.

Check out our pricing for these different options. Existing Carbon Reduce and Reward Solution subscribers can validate their climate actions by contacting GoZero and providing supporting documentation.