Climate action validation

Validation for B2C businesses

If your business is taking action on carbon emissions, are your customers aware of the good work you are doing? Many businesses hide this information away on their website, but GoZero helps you tell your sustainability story as part of your sales process.

All you need to do is validate the measurable actions that you have taken with GoZero, and we will generate Carbon Points rewards and set up deals for your customers, giving great visibility for your good climate actions and increasing your outreach to climate-conscious consumers. You can validate climate actions taken between 2020 and the present.

To validate your climate actions, fill out the GoZero Business Action Form. See our pricing for the different different categories of climate action that you can validate.

How B2C validation works

Just getting started?

If your business is just getting started on the road to sustainability, you can kick-start your action by purchasing Gold Standard GoZero offsets. If you haven't measured your company's carbon footprint, we recommend that you purchase 5 tonnes of CO2e offsets per company employee and begin rewarding your customers with the corresponding Carbon Points.

If you have already measured your carbon footprint during 2020 to 2022, but weren't able to take action to reduce those emissions at the time, we recommend that you purchase GoZero offsets to address those emissions now. For current and future emissions, we recommend that you instead take action to avoid or reduce your emissions as much as possible and only offset those emissions that cannot be avoided. To order GoZero offsets, please fill out the GoZero Business Action Form.

planting trees

Validating offsets

If your business has purchased offsets concerning its carbon footprint between 2020 and the present, GoZero can validate these and generate the corresponding Carbon Points rewards for your customers. You will need to supply information concerning these offsets, which GoZero will evaluate concerning key credibility criteria (including the need for them to be transparent; be real, measurable, and verified; be additional; not be double-counted; address leakage; and be permanent). GoZero is aware of a number of offsets that do not meet these criteria and will seek to exclude offsets concerning which there are doubts, to guard the Carbon Points system's integirty. If you are considering purchasing offsets from elsewhere that you will want to validate with GoZero, you can contact us for an initial assessment. To validate your offsets, please fill out the GoZero Business Action Form.

Electric vehicle

Validating emissions reduction

Switching to electric vehicles: if your business has switched from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles, you can validate the carbon emissions reduction that you have achieved. You will need to provide all relevant data that you have that allows GoZero to make the best estimate of the amount of CO2e that you have reduced. We will need to establish a baseline estimation of your emissions when using ICE vehicles and compare this with your emissions using electric vehicles. We need sufficient, quality data from you to be able to accurately estimate your emissions reduction in order to generate Carbon Points.

Switching to renewable energy: if your business has installed solar panels or switched away from natural gas for heating or other processes, we will establish your baseline CO2e emissions before the switch as well as your current emissions, in order to calculate the extent of your carbon emissions reduction. We require good quality data from you in order to accurately estimate this reduction. Where insufficient data is available, we will not be able to validate your actions.

Emissions reduction plans: if your business has used tools to measure your carbon footprint (such as the SBN's Climate Action Toolbox), and is implementing an emissions reduction plan, you can validate your progress with GoZero. If you have measurably reduced your air travel, for example, we can evaluate the amount of carbon emissions reduction that you have achieved and generate the corresponding amount of Carbon Points. For such estimations, we need baseline information and verifiable action data.

Net Zero Certification: if your business has achieved net zero or other greenhouse gas emissions-related certification, we generate Carbon Points based on any verified, measurable emissions reduction that you have achieved as part of that certification process.

Circular economy validation: if your business is part of the circular economy and has products that in of themselves allow customers to reduce their carbon emissions, provided sufficient data exists, GoZero can validate your estimated carbon avoidance. For example, if you sell 2nd hand clothes, we will calculate the carbon emissions being avoided, based on international emissions estimate data for the production of comparable new clothing, and generate the corresponding Carbon Points to give as rewards to your customers.

To validate your emissions reduction actions, please fill out the GoZero Business Action Form.

Validation for B2B businesses

GoZero is currently developing systems to enable B2B businesses to use the Carbon Points system to reward their clients.

If you are interested in GoZero's B2B solutions, please contact us to discuss how we can help you reach other actors in the sustainable economy and turn your climate actions into rewards.

Validation for individuals

You can already purchase GoZero Gold Standard offsets to address your personal emissions and receive rewards from GoZero Climate Action businesses to hit your monthly Carbon Points target. 

You can also validate offsets that you have purchased elsewhere, by filling in the Individual Offsets Validation Form.

We are also working on a system to allow you to validate key climate actions, such emissions reductions you have achieved by purchasing an electric vehicle or by installing solar panels on your home. If you are interested in validating such climate actions, please contact us to be amongst the first to use our new system. We are counting on early adopters to help us co-design a robust, accurate, innovative solution to boost climate action around the world.