Climate Solutions for Business

GoZero's Climate Solutions make it easier for your business to take effective action to reduce emissions without breaking the bank. 

We know that many businesses face obstacles due to the cost and complexity of reducing emissions. We believe in making decarbonisation more accessible and less burdensome for businesses that want to take climate action, but do not have the time, resources or in-house capacity to carry out in-depth greenhouse gas emissions measurement and certification. 

Our Climate Solutions help you to easily estimate or measure your emissions intensity, set reduction targets, identify appropriate and efficient solutions, and track reductions each year.

We recommend that businesses aim to reduce their emissions intensity by 5% each year, in order to stay on track to achieve net zero by 2050.

Climate action made easy


We provide you with an estimate of your emissions intensity baseline, using simple input from you, allowing you to kick-start your action to measurably reduce emissions.



You can measure your emissions intensity yourself, using the Climate Action Toolbox, and we can verify that everything is in order or provide support if you are facing difficulties. We also help you to measure any reductions that you have made previously, to have those taken into account.



We work with you on an emissions reduction target for your business and effective strategies and relevant solutions to reach it.


Track your progress

We help you calculate and report on your emissions reduction achievements at the end of each yearly cycle. Sign up for the Climate Race to 2030 to receive a Climate Race winner's badge and celebrate your achievements, when you reduce emissions by at least 5% over 12 months.


Businesses that sign up for GoZero's Climate Solutions will be added to GoZero's Climate Action Business Directory.

Your can also turn your climate action into Carbon Points rewards for your staff and customers, boosting your brand and sales.

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