Ensuring credible climate action

Eliminating Greenwashing

Ensuring the credibility of every tonne of CO2e in our Carbon Points system is at the core of what GoZero does. We understand that increasing trust in climate solutions is vital in order to increase climate action.

We work to eliminate greenwashing by ensuring that every Carbon Point represents real action on emissions. Businesses that have deals on our site have taken validated, credible, measurable action on their carbon emissions. They are only able to generate Carbon Points based on the amount of CO2e that they have addressed through verified climate actions.

We focus on reducing emissions

GoZero is laser-focussed on helping individuals and businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

It is widely accepted that humanity needs to significantly reduce its emissions, to avoid catastrophic climate change. However, many current solutions are limited to helping to measure and offset emissions. While offsetting may play a role in addressing emissions that are the most difficult to avoid, this should only represent under 10% of total climate actions by 2050, if we are going to achieve the global net zero target. 

GoZero prioritises efforts to reduce emissions over offsetting, as humanity can’t offset its way out of the climate crisis. Additionally, there have been a number of scandals recently, that have undermined trust in many of the low-cost offsets projects that businesses have been using to claim net zero status. For example, the Guardian reported in January 2023 that "More than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest certifier are worthless" and, in May 2024, that "Corporations invested in carbon offsets that were ‘likely junk’."

GoZero believes that it is much more effective and credible for businesses to invest in solutions to reduce their emissions, rather than pursuing the emit and offset approach. We challenge individuals and businesses to reduce their emissions by 5% each year, to keep us on track for net zero 2050. We understand that it may seem easier to go with one of the many solutions to measure carbon emissions, purchase offsets and claim to be net zero now, but this may actually be a waste of time and capital that could have been used to carry out the real reduction of emissions.

Businesses that subscribe to our Carbon Reduce and Reward Solutions receive an estimate of their emissions, a reduction target and monthly tracking, and are connected with solutions that will help them make credible emissions reductions.

Climate Kiwi subscribers can measure their carbon footprint and climate actions they are taking using FutureFit and turn these into Carbon Points. They can also earn Carbon Points by purchasing GoZero deals.

We measure and verify the credibility of climate actions as part of our validation process. See how validation works here.

Gold Standard

Our carbon reduction projects

To generate Carbon Points that can be used to top up reward campaigns and member accounts, GoZero exclusively uses high-integrity, Gold Standard carbon credits from projects that reduce emissions, such as those from cook stove projects.

These deliver emissions reductions as well as certified co-benefits, such as improved health and livelihoods, under the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Improved Cook Stove Project, Uganda

Under this Gold Standard-certified project, improved cook stoves (ICS) have been provided to families in three districts in Uganda. Cook Stove projects produce amongst the most credible types of carbon offsets.

These replace traditional cooking methods, increasing efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also improve family members' health and reduce the need for them to collect firewood.

This project has certified SDG impacts, under SDGs 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 13 (Climate Action).