Credibility of climate action

Ensuring the credibility of every tonne of CO2e that we use in our Carbon Points system is at the core of what GoZero does. 

We work to eliminate greenwashing and do not work with businesses working in the fossil fuel sector. Businesses that have deals on our site have taken validated, credible, measurable action on their carbon emissions. They are only able to generate the number of Carbon Points based on the amount of CO2e that they have reduced or offset. See more about the validation process.

Measuring emissions reduction and avoidance

GoZero Climate Action Businesses can validate their efforts to reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions, generating Carbon Points rewards. Calculating how many tonnes of CO2e are being avoided involves making informed estimations. The Carbon Points system's integrity depends on this process being as accurate as possible. We only validate avoidance actions where credible data exists.

If your business has replaced vehicles with EVs, we can estimate the CO2e avoidance that you have achieved based on your vehicle types and the number of kilometres travelled. We can also make informed calculations concerning the amount of CO2e emissions reduced where your business has switched to renewable sources of energy, where sufficient baseline data is available. Where we have insufficient data, we will not be able to validate your actions, as ensuring the credibility of the Carbon Points system is essential.

Ensuring credible offsets

GoZero only allows high-quality, reliable, accurate offsets to be converted into Carbon Points. 

If your business has purchased credible offsets, you can have them validated by GoZero and we will generate the corresponding Carbon Points rewards for your customers.

We use the criteria outlined by the Ministry for the Environment, according to which offsets must: be transparent; be real, measurable, and verified; be additional; not be double-counted; address leakage; and be permanent.

GoZero verifies these criteria as part of its validation process. If your business is considering purchasing offsets from the voluntary carbon market, but would first like to verify whether they would be accepted by GoZero, please contact us.

GoZero's Gold Standard offsets

If you are looking to kick-start your business' climate action and set up GoZero deals to reward your customers, you can purchase offsets directly from us.

GoZero selects only Gold Standard, high-reliability offsets for sale to businesses and individuals. We also select projects that support local communities and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can see the GoZero offsets currently available for purchase in the section below. Additionally, as part of GoZero's social enterprise approach, we donate up to $2 per tonne of CO2e to our partner, the Greendeals Charitable Trust, to support biodiversity and environmental resilience projects in New Zealand.

International investigations have cast doubt over some categories of offsets available in the voluntary carbon market. GoZero follows such developments closely and avoids any types of offsets concerning which there are reliability concerns.

Gold Standard

Our projects

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Improved Cook Stove Project, Uganda

Under this Gold Standard-certified project, improved cook stoves (ICS) have been provided to families in three districts in Uganda. Cook Stove projects produce amongst the most credible types of carbon offsets.

These replace traditional cooking methods, increasing efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also improve family members' health and reduce the need for them to collect firewood.

This project has certified SDG impacts, under SDGs 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 13 (Climate Action).